How Virtual Assistants Will Change Cars Forever

Virtual assistants are one of the fast-spreading technology that has made life much easier for many and opened a sea of work opportunities who are looking for an interesting and easy job.

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Virtual Assistants And The Future

So what are the changes one can expect in their cars with regards to virtual assistants? Here are a few guesses and predictions:

Making Calls

This is already happening in many cars to some extent. One need not make a call on their phone, they have the phones connected to the car via Bluetooth and they can use voice commands to make calls from their phones. The virtual assistants will not only make calls to the concerned persons in the future but can also be expected to send out messages that are dictated by the user.

Driving Assistance

Just like navigation assistance is available where the virtual assistant keeps tracking your route and telling you where to make a turn, what to expect, etc, there can be a driving assistant. This virtual assistant can warn you about upcoming traffic, cars, pedestrians, tell you what speed to go at and where to break too.


There are many knobs and buttons to control various features in the car. The virtual assistant can take voice commands and make the necessary adjustments. It can be in the volume, selecting tracks, controlling the temperature of the car, adjusting lights, etc. This can extend to the lighting inside the car too. There are many high-end cars that come with mood lighting feature which might be controllable with voice commands in the near future.

Finding Destinations

Today the driver has to feed in their location or what they are searching for on their route. This can be a restaurant, a fuel station or just a place to stop. With virtual assistants coming into this venue, one will only have to voice out what they are looking for and the software can find the nearest stop and also provide directions like the navigation system.