Day: October 5, 2018

How Fashion Designers Use Technology

In the fashion industry, there are many ways in which customers can benefit from the use of technology. E-commerce sites are the perfect examples that show how technology improves user convenience. Shopping for all your favorite fashion can now be done on a smartphone. Whether it is to find louis vuitton discount purses or to shop for any of your favorite brands at great discounts, all this is possible thanks to technology. This is with respect to technology for the end user- but how do designers use tech?

Bot assistants in stores

There are some popular fashion labels that use bots as virtual shopping assistants to help shoppers find what they are looking for. This enhances the customer experience and improves the sales.

3D models for better visualization of the design

Sophisticated 3D modeling software can bring the designer’s sketches to life. This would allow the designer to tinker the design from every angle and achieve perfection before actually executing the design.

Improving the productivity in tailoring

The direct pattern on the loom is one of the most popular technologies adopted recently where the prints are directly fed by a computer. This process reduces the overall time taken for tailoring and also results in lower wastage of the materials used.

Scanning the model’s body for a more accurate design

For the designers working on their show, designing a dress that perfectly fits the model is now simple with the help of accurate body scanning technologies. These allow designers to alter the elements of the design to make it perfect for the model who would be presenting it.

3D printing

3D printing can be used to print out the whole design or a few components in it. This allows designers to quickly and easily add the upgrades they need.…

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