Month: October 2018

How Fashion Designers Use Technology

In the fashion industry, there are many ways in which customers can benefit from the use of technology. E-commerce sites are the perfect examples that show how technology improves user convenience. Shopping for all your favorite fashion can now be done on a smartphone. Whether it is to find louis vuitton discount purses or to shop for any of your favorite brands at great discounts, all this is possible thanks to technology. This is with respect to technology for the end user- but how do designers use tech?

Bot assistants in stores

There are some popular fashion labels that use bots as virtual shopping assistants to help shoppers find what they are looking for. This enhances the customer experience and improves the sales.

3D models for better visualization of the design

Sophisticated 3D modeling software can bring the designer’s sketches to life. This would allow the designer to tinker the design from every angle and achieve perfection before actually executing the design.

Improving the productivity in tailoring

The direct pattern on the loom is one of the most popular technologies adopted recently where the prints are directly fed by a computer. This process reduces the overall time taken for tailoring and also results in lower wastage of the materials used.

Scanning the model’s body for a more accurate design

For the designers working on their show, designing a dress that perfectly fits the model is now simple with the help of accurate body scanning technologies. These allow designers to alter the elements of the design to make it perfect for the model who would be presenting it.

3D printing

3D printing can be used to print out the whole design or a few components in it. This allows designers to quickly and easily add the upgrades they need.…

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How Virtual Reality Might Save Long-distance Relationship

As virtual reality has the power to change a lot of elements in our personal lives, it has surely started to get adopted by more and more people today. There was a time when individuals found it useful only playing video games and watching porn. But today, it has a huge impact on those who are separated from their partners and are thriving on a long-distance relationship.

For a really long time, long distance relationships have been considered to be a stigma as it has been really difficult for individuals to maintain the relationship. Such relations brought in a lot of strain and rough patch on the bonding shared by the people. Thanks to social media and other technological methods like phone, text, Snapchat, Skype, and email, people now get a fair chance to stay in touch with their partners. However, these mediums can still not satisfy all your needs and you still happen to crave to touch or feel your partner right next to your body.

VR: The fun element in long-distance relations

The booming technology of virtual reality has given an opportunity for people to develop their love even while staying miles apart from each other. You get a chance to create an avatar in virtual space and be with your partner for as long as you want. This availability is slowly-slowly bridging the long distance gap and is making us feel more connected and close to our partners. Be it indulging in video games or watching interesting YouTube videos together, the couple is having a whole lot of fun because of this brilliant technology of virtual reality.

Personal life

It’s not just limited to entertainment; virtual reality also gives you an opportunity to enhance your sexual life as well by feeling your partner be right next to you. By using this technology, you do not miss their physical presence and can always enhance your personal life in every way. Go take a look at and find out some of the best toys that can go along with your lovemaking sessions using virtual reality.

Make the most of this amazing technology and bring new vibes to your long distance relationship to make it ever-lasting.…