Month: July 2018

How to Throw the Best House Party Ever!

If you are working fifty hours a week, dragging through just to get to the weekend so you can relax at home at the company of friends, with a shot of tequila and sips of Pina colada, while watching the movie everyone’s been talking about, a house party is just your thing. Here are a few tips on how to throw the best party ever.

  • Drinks: Your friends may take turns bringing a bottle of vodka or some Jell-O shots, but as the host, you have to make sure the cups are full and spirits are high! Make at least one scrumptious cocktail in abundance for your guests to chug at will.
  • Music: If you are throwing a party, you have to have good music. Which means a decent speaker and a groovy playlist created in advance will save you the trouble of having aimlessly roaming horde of bored guests playing their own country classics or metal rock.
  • Invites: When sending out the invites, don’t do open Facebook invites or word of the mouth. Especially if you live in an apartment building with limited capacity. You want to be able to enjoy your time, which means you want people you know to be there. Not ex-boyfriends and nemesis hanging around in the cramped space, bawling their eyes out or yelling around, disturbing everyone’s peace.
  • Snacks: From the moment people step inside the house, they need something to munch on, so they are not raiding your fridge or kitchen cabinet for every bits and pieces of food.
  • Emergency kit: Drunk guests, alcohol, and music can be a dangerous combination. You want everyone to have fun, but accidents can happen anytime. Keep band aids, antiseptic liquid, burn creams handy. This CBD cream Helps Pain, and will come in handy if your guests injure themselves.